What in the World is the 199 Club?

What in the World is the 199 Club?

We live in a country that is supposed to be founded upon the voices of its citizens. What happens when these voices are drowned out by the opinions and messages of special interest groups and party-line politics? How do we, as people of this great country, know that we are being heard? Diane would like to be your voice in Congress. She would like to hear from you, her fellow Alaskans, so that she can be sure that your concerns are being addressed by your representative. It is with this in mind that Diane announces both an opportunity for you to ensure that your issues are being raised, as well as a chance to engage in a citizen-based campaign funding initiative.

The 199 Club

This opportunity, which Diane is calling the 199 Club, is a way of supporting her campaign while letting her know what concerns are close to your heart. You can join this club by donating $199 – big enough to let us know how committed you are to Diane’s mission of representing Alaska’s interests yet small enough to avoid the bureaucratic hassle of larger contributions. As a part of your gift, we ask that you answer the question “If you had 60 seconds to speak to Congress, what would you say?” We request that the responses be of a reasonable length, around 50 words or so, with an indication of whether you want to remain anonymous or be named. Joining this club will help Diane better understand the real issues of Alaska – your issues – as well as provide a way to engage in public discourse. Responses will be posted online, and you will have a chance to see what other Alaskans are concerned about, and perhaps hear back from Diane. It is time to do away with special interest groups and their strings-attached funding. Let us make the interests of all Alaskans known. Let your voice be heard.

One final note. We realize that $199 is a lot of money, especially in these days of high gas prices so we will accept Statements with whatever contribution that the contributor can afford. We will even print Statements with no contribution at all. Yes, we are trying to raise money for the campaign, but it is also important to hear what the people, all of the people, have to say.

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