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199 Club Statements

Elaine Carroll Johnston, Fairbanks

I am a Fairbanks teacher, but I began my career in 1976 in St. Mary’s, Alaska. My life has been consumed with the well being of our state’s most valuable resource, our children. Bless your heart for taking on the GOLIATH, Don Young. You have my admiration and support.

Anonymous, Alaska

Straight across the board income or sales tax. Everybody who has a special interest, go home and talk to you neighbors because that’s the only our way money will be spent from now on, by popular vote of our representatives. Collections are forever limited to the single tax.

Robert Sylvester, Juneau

I believe large donations of money from any individual or group to a candidate or party makes a mockery of the electoral process. What will the Congressperson do to get corporate money out of politics? The other issue is the extreme partisanship of Congress. Civility must return or the US will soon become a second rate nation. Global climate change, the war in Iraq, must be dealt with.

Gail Johnson, Anchorage

I’m not good with words, so I don’t have an eloquent statement; I just want Diane to help take back my country. I served proudly for 20 years in the Navy, retiring in 1995, and I’m sickened by what the current administration has done to destroy this country’s honor and integrity. I have a young cousin in the Army; serving in Iraq on his second tour after his enlistment was involuntarily extended, so I know first hand the crimes this “dictatorship” has committed against our brave military. Don Young is part of the “Axis of Corruption” and needs to be defeated! Good Luck to Diane, she’s in my prayers.
(Editor’s Note: Shakespeare himself could not have said it more eloquently.)

DJ Dallas, Fairbanks

Washington, DC is worlds away from Ft. Yukon, Alaska and the 30+ years of Don Young’s absence has perhaps limited his vision of current and realistic issues from the people of this great state. As one of us, Diane Benson recognizes the issues close to home. At critical times in this country NOW is the time for a fresh and positive change to ‘politics as usual’!

Maryellen Oman, Anchorage

You’ve (Congress) passed a global warming statement. Now generously fund immediately the many sources of renewable energy that are available: wind, tidal power, solar, geothermal, small hydro, sustainable biodiesel fuels. And fund research into other long-time alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cells and anything else that might be possible as a renewable energy source.

Duane Sherwood, Anchorage

It saddens me how polarized our country has become. Conservative. Liberal. Democrat. Republican. These terms have become supercharged with emotional energy. In school I learned that “liberal” simply means willing to change, and “conservative” simply means preferring things the way they are. As humans, we each have some of both. As a society, we need both. Societies need to change and adapt. Societies also need stability. The real issue is finding a wise balance. Balance can be achieved when opposing factions engage in open dialogue and intelligent debate. Let’s move beyond propoganda. Let’s move beyond media hype. Let’s move beyond the polarization of society. Let’s remember the idea of working together to “promote the general welfare…” With balance, we can get things done. Without it, we are a house divided. Please don’t let politics get in the way of intelligent debate. Please remember to serve the people first.

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