The Issues

As Alaska’s sole Representative in Congress, I will make Alaska’s people, land and seas, responsible development, and honest government my highest priority. I’ll accomplish this through:

Supporting Our Troops and Honoring Our Veterans

The first step to honoring our Troops and Veterans is to first ask ourselves, before any endeavor, we propose to undertake, is it clearly a necessary and worthy cause, and is it worth the price we ask our servicemen and women to pay. Then, we must ask ourselves what we are willing to pay to support them. When we have made those decisions as a nation and as Congress, we must ensure that our service men and women are provided true financial and physical support while serving in a war zone.

Prosperity NOT Poverty

Poverty is not freedom. A huge disparity in the distribution of wealth that causes a one percent minority of the population to control most of the wealth is not prosperity. Wages that keep the average American from being able to afford a home, even with two incomes, is not liberty. No American should have to choose between heat or food.

Defend Our Rights and Freedoms

As our Declaration of Independence states, “All men are created equal”. We, as a society, have acknowledged that “men” truly means all people. We continue to create laws throughout our history to ensure that all people are treated equally and all have the same rights as American citizens. However, differential treatment of others has perpetuated the evolution of sub-classes of citizens. We cannot allow our own country to treat any American differently and limit them to only certain rights and not others.