Issues – Defending Our Rights and Freedoms

Every American must enjoy all rights and protections provided for by our constitution and laws. With that understanding I will,

  1. Stand up against the threats to American citizens within the Patriot Act.
  2. Protect Privacy
    An expectation in being an American is the freedom to privacy and yet interceptions of our communications, monitoring, the weakening of Miranda laws, governmental interference that would dictate our choices, our activities, our morality, our medicines and our treatments threaten to totally destroy our right to privacy. It is for this reason that I maintain freedom first when considering any law or policy.
  3. Remind that Equal Rights are Human Rights
    No group of people should be targeted for exclusion from the same rights and privileges enjoyed by other Americans. Equality is fundamental to a free society. In addition, heinous activities such as women and other American citizens exploited in certain labor markets, exploited sexually, and exploited in a growing slave trade market threaten to undermine our freedoms. These are issues also deserving of careful and immediate attention.
  4. Education
    All Americans are entitled to adequate public education in a safe environment.

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