United States Senator Max Cleland

Alaska needs Diane as the next member of Congress in the House of Representatives. She will bring strong leadership and a perspective to the needs of our Veterans and Soldiers that no other member in Congress can offer. I have watched this family take tragedy in their lives and turn it around. It is Diane and her son’s continued strength to persevere that constantly impresses me. Diane is one courageous woman.

Johnny Ellis, State Senator, District L

Albert Kookesh, State Senator, District C

Eric Croft, State Representative, District 25
I am a big Diane Benson fan. She will be a Congresswoman all Alaska will be proud of. She is bringing the new energy and ideas that our state and our nation badly need.

Berta Gardner, State Representative, District 24
Diane Benson is a real Alaskan with broad experience across this beautiful state. I’d be proud to call her my Congresswoman and I believe she would serve with wisdom, integrity, and bold new ideas for the benefit of our state and our nation.

Beth Kerttula, State Representative, District 3

Georgianna Lincoln, Former State Senator, District C

Vic Fischer, Former State Senator, Delegate to the Alaska State Constitutional Convention
It’s time, no it is past time, to get new blood and bring change to Congress. The U. S. Congress desperately needs someone like Diane – a representative who would serve all Alaskans and the nation with integrity, dignity and dedication. Diane’s life of service has prepared her well to serve as Alaska’s representative in Congress.

The following are some of your friends and neighbors who have endorsed Diane Benson for the US House of Representatives.

Patti HigginsVice Chair, Alaska Democratic Party, South-central
Kay BrownDemocratic National Committee
James AponeDemocratic District Chair, District 23B
Sylvia CarlssonDemocratic District Vice-Chair, District 24
Lloyd EgganDemocratic District Chair, District 30
Niilo KoponenBoard Member, AFSCME Retirees Local 52
Darrell BehymerCandidate for Alaska State House, District 19

Renee Elliott, Linda Schandelmeier, Bonnie Nelson, Martha Siebe, John Alexander, Kristine Hutchin, Robert Bassette Jr, Ken Burch, Richard Listowski, Douglas Mertz, Margo Waring, Kristen Bromengen, Tony Vita, Marian Mattelin Charles, Gerald Shelley, Don Gerber, Onkima Lonewolf, Barbara Flaherty, Jesse Jones, Carl Benson, Mark Nelles, Richard Darden, Carl Unsicker, Heather Koponen, Dennis Benson, David Valentine,

James Kari, Bruce Kovarik, Marie Rozak, Larry Calvin, Jacob Merculief, Ken Waggoner, Richard Ross, Bill Sabo, Elvi Gray-Jackson, Kerry Feldman, PH.D., Rodger Pegues, Donald Birdseye, Merril Lowden, Isabella Brady, Taylor Brelsford, Denny Mehner, Jesse Jones, Karen Button, Jane Atuk, Dan Buckley III, Susan Niman, Sandy Harper, Sally Greek Hitchcock, Pat Chesbro, Mary Kvalheim, Marsha Holbrook, Pat Corkery, Edward Hakala, Mary Jo Pippin

Bettie and Edward McDonald, Mark Edward Springer, Dee Longenbaugh, Judith Whittaker, Helene Antel, Dean Gingrich, Alison Bell, John Hagey, Tod Butler, Judy Crondahl, Gordon Harper, Michael LeMay, Robert Minch, Mary Pat Schilly, Betty Flodin, Sue Scherwin, Phil Smith, Keith Bell, Scott Bailey, Joe Ray Skrha, Richard Waisanen, Neva Black, Amy Bollenbach, Emily Ward, Ruth Sheridan, Eve Reckley, Richard Earl, Gerald Rexrode, Eileen Shute

Jean Kollantai, John Toppenberg, Jana Varrati, Catherine Malcolm Byars, Jim CObis, Margritt Engel, Erik Kuntz, Bill Foster, Doug McIntosh, Mary Shields, Dr Julius Rockwell, Doug Frank, Ed McLaughlin, Elizabeth Belknap, Dave Norton, Art Peterson, Gordon Evans, Corinne McVee, Becki Powell, Barbara Maier, Marilyn Connor, Arthur Curtis, Donald Friedman, George Rogers