Diane Benson

A Post-Election Message from a Grateful Candidate

My Fellow Alaskan,

Are you feeling depressed about the election? Don’t be.

We did an extraordinary thing; we broke many barriers, and set some records for politics in Alaska. We ran an honorable and admirable race.


Remember, when we began, we began with nothing; meeting in restaurants, and attempting to establish a direction with no direction, and no support. We evolved into a full-fledged campaign, complete with hundreds of volunteers, a nice little campaign headquarters in Anchorage, always full of helpers; a great team in Fairbanks working door to door, covering over 60% of the houses there; coordinators in Sitka, Juneau, Bethel and Nome who worked very hard; and others in outlying areas putting up signs in their villages, and calling people.

It was extraordinary. We made this effort because we all believed that government should reflect the people and represent the people rather than just large corporate interests. We know America is about people. We made an impression to that end.

Let’s keep in mind what we did accomplish as well. We broke through several barriers.

    1. We received the support and attention of the Democratic Party (albeit late in the campaign) – something that has never happened for any Democrat challenger for the U.S. House.
    2. We won an opportunity to speak on the floor of the AFN Convention – a first for a challenger for the U.S. House. It was our efforts combined with the responses of the delegates that made it possible.
    3. We cornered the incumbent into a live televised debate – again a first, and truly historic.
    4. On meager resources, as compared to most campaigns, I obtained 40.07% of the vote – an incredible showing. This is clearly as a result of the commitment of our volunteers, contributors, a good campaign manager, and a meaningful message. And, I am happy to report I garnered the majority of votes in the incumbent’s stated “hometown” of Ft. Yukon.

We truly created a momentum for change in Alaskan politics. Be proud of your part in these achievements as I am so very proud of you and your efforts.

I thank you.

Diane E. Benson

YOUR Candidate

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