Issues – Troops and Veterans

The Issues

Supporting our Troops during wartime should mean

  1. Providing them with adequate gear and equipment before we send them into harms way. Many underpaid military families have felt compelled to buy expensive supplies and gear for their soldier to outfit them for combat. This desperation was followed by insult when they were barred from continuing.
  2. Honoring a volunteer military by respecting, rather than involuntarily extending, their contracts. It is wrong and immoral to demand them to go to war and then add extensions when (and because) most Americans are unwilling to serve or sacrifice themselves. Furthermore, it is wrong to expect more of them if we are not willing to give more to them. We must provide more than temporary and insufficient pay raises.
  3. We should expect to sacrifice as a nation and share the burden to support our troops. Ideas that arise include bonds, corporate fees, rations or other system to offset the cost concerns over gear and debt, adequately prepare more troops rather than depleting the troops we have; set an example as Congressional members and ensure our family members sign up for service, and aggressively target untargeted groups for service, such as others typically of privilege.
  4. Maintain and keep adequate National Guard for the home front.

Honoring our Veterans Means Providing for our Veterans

Iraq and Afghanistan operations are causing enormous increases in disabled and severely traumatized veterans. Are we ready to handle this obligation? VA is under funded and cannot handle existing need, educational benefits are cut, and extended families are denied support. We must honor our agreement and ensure that all our veterans are supported in everyway possible and receive the benefits they have earned.

Services need to be funded while reducing overhead costs, and each veteran could be guaranteed the premium of healthcare through a single-payer system, and should be ensured continuing educational benefits, and their families provided resources. How can we turn our eyes, hearts or minds from those that have fully given of themselves for the entire country?