Issues – Prosperity NOT Poverty

The Issues

Prosperity NOT Poverty

We live in the most powerful and richest country in the world and yet many of our own citizens are without benefits, pensions or health care coverage. Many Alaskans work two jobs and still barely make ends meet each month. Our current administration and representatives decide to continue to give tax breaks to the richest of our communities, allow them means to reduce their obligations to America, and furthermore dare to do so by providing more “individual” rights to corporations than to the people themselves.

Congress has given itself pay increases and yet refuses to debate raising the Minimum Wage for the working class unless there are strings attached for the rich.

I believe the role of Congress is to provide opportunities for all Americans to fulfill the “American Dream” of prosperity and liberty. Therefore, I will

  1. Pledge to seek through legislation a freeze on Congressional salaries until we ensure all Americans earn a true living wage, and until our veterans and all Americans have adequate and accessible health care.
  2. Acknowledge “Right to Work” laws for what they are, a means to inhibit organized bargaining and limit workers protections and rights. Clearly, I would support unions and responsible unionizing with the full intent of continual protection and advocacy for America’s workers. Reinforce job safety and adequate conditions for workers in all fields of employment.
  3. Consider the realities and needs and means to support the small business owner while legislating on such issues as wage increases and trade.
  4. Support merging labor and conservation; expanding project and development innovations, sustaining jobs, and producing savings at the same time.
  5. Carefully consider any legislation regarding American corporation business practices and trade based on what is best for an ethical America.
  6. Pursue programs and responsible solutions that would provide for the most fragile and needy, and that would prevent or treat homelessness, addiction, illiteracy, hunger or malnutrition.
  7. Support and promote sound and sustainable resource development and other forms of responsible industry that build good jobs and a welcoming future.